Export Market

Esko Group is currently exporting around 30% of its production to its neighbouring countries in the Indian Ocean and South and East Africa.

Company details:
FMCG Distribution Ltd
310 Hillside Road
Harare, Zimbabwe
Tel: + 263 772286656
Contact name: Mr Adrian Armstrong
Email: adrianarmstrong13@gmail.com
Company details:
DayForce Investments (PVT) Ltd
196 Seke Road
Harare, Zimbabwe
Tel: +263 77 220 1346
Contact: Mr. R.Welsh
Email: roger@dayforce.co.zw
Company details:
Distribution Ah-Yon
16 Rue Jules Verne
97420 Le Port
Tel: +
Fax: +
Contact name: Mr. Jean Ah-Yon
Email: dahyon@wanadoo.fr
Company details:
Tranombarotra Mahazatra Tananarive
Route du Pape Anosivavaka
B.P. 462
101 Antananarivo, Madagascar
Tel: (261) 20 22 34656
Fax: (261) 20 22 35858
Contact name: Mr. Ismael Onaly
Email: tmt@moov.mg
Company details:
Island Trading Co Ltd
P.O.Box 933
Victoria, Mahé
Tel: (248) 4224547
Fax: (248) 4323888
Contact name: Mr Joe Chung Faye
Email: jmsa@seychelles.net

Company details:
Lee Van Hoi Hissen (Pty) Ltd
P.O.Box 8
Mont Fleuri
Mahé, Seychelles
Tel: (248) 4322175
Fax: (248) 4324114
Contact name: Mrs Ahoye Hissen
Company details:
Esko & Co Ltd
Avenue Des Oursins
Tombeau Bay
Tel: (230) 247-4138
Fax: (230) 247-1288
Contact name: Mr Patrick Lim
Email: patrick@eskogroup.com